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Youth Group
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A word from our new leader, -


My name is Tim Johnston and I'm here to talk you on behalf of St. Joseph's Youth Group. A few months ago, I became the leader of our parish youth group, which is known the Carpenter's 4 Christ. Since then we have gone from simply trying to hold regular meetings to really beginning to plan and act as real youth group. It's an exciting time, and I would really love to see the Carpenters become another awesome part of  St. Joseph's community (33 West Street, Vernon-Rockville).


I'd like to share with you briefly what exactly the youth group is, what our plans for the upcoming year are, and what the St. Joseph's community can do for us.


The Carpenter's 4 Christ Youth Group is geared toward teens in High School, whether they be freshman or seniors. We meet every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month in the basement of the Convent after 11:30 am Mass, so from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. In a normal meeting, these 2 hours are a combination of faith and fun. We play games, watch movies, and have snacks, but I always try add in an element of the Catholic faith. I want the teens of St. Joseph's church to be able to more fully appreciate all the beauty of their Catholic faith. Sometimes there will be discussions on important issues to teens, and sometimes there might be a presentation on some aspect of the faith.


These past few months, we had some real standout events. One of these was a several mile hike on the trails surrounding Shenipsit Lake in Ellington. Another was experiencing the wonder of the true meaning of Christmas through watching a documentary on the finding of the Star of Bethlehem. This year though, the Carpenter's are planning much bigger. I am working with several local youth groups to put together one or two multi-church events. The Carpenter's 4 Christ are going to Steubenville East, the biggest and most powerful Youth Retreat on the East Cost. Finally, we are planning to do a live Stations of the Cross this Lenten season, right here at St. Joseph Church on March 27, 2015.


Also parents of teens, I encourage you to talk to your children about coming to Youth Group. I do not they will be disappointed they did and they will be truly welcome. Finally, for those of you who do not have teenage children, I would ask for your prayers. Running a Youth Group is a huge venture, but by your prayers and God's grace all things are possible.


Thank YOU and God Bless...


- Tim Johnston

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Youth Ministry


Our mission is to support our peers by living faithfully the Gospel message during times of contradiction and challenge, assisting Christ in the building of His Church in order that we and others may obtain the promise of eternal life.

Moved not by fear or violence, but by the urgency of genuine love, they must learn to build, brick by brick, the city of God within the city of man … you must be those “builders”!

– Pope John Paul II

World Youth Day 2002, Toronto


Meetings are 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at the Catacombs in the lower level of the Convent building  (unless otherwise noted in the weekly bulletin).

All high school aged youth are welcome



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